Entry Top Tips


What makes a good entry?

We know how challenging writing an entry can be and we really do want to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for you. Take a look at our video below and hear directly from one of our judges for some hints and tips on writing your entry!

Top tips from our judges

Our judges have pulled together their most valuable tips and tricks to help make your entry stand out from the crowd.

Enter the award category most relevant to you or your organisation. Review all the categories to ensure you are entering the most relevant to fit your organisation’s achievements and results. See your entry as a great opportunity to promote and demonstrate your organisation’s approach to best practice in your chosen category.

Begin the submission as early as possible, aiming to complete well within the deadline. Read all the entry questions and the prompt notes carefully before constructing your answer. Take the time to review what you have written and revisit the submission before sending.

Answer the entry questions in a clear and concise manner. Ensure the submission is reader-friendly and avoid industry jargon as the judges may not be familiar with certain phrases or acronyms. Be aware not to exceed the word count.

Use facts and figures to back up your claims and comments, for example with customer ratings or business stats. Remember, the entry form is the only evidence the judges have to make a decision – make it as easy as possible for them to distinguish between the large number of entries.

Provide clear directions or links to any digital or online pieces of evidence (e.g. websites, reviews, media, content, YouTube clips, Google alerts) which will help the judges to independently verify your evidence. Ensure you are tracking and interacting with business reviews – both positive and negative – for example through TripAdvisor, Facebook, etc.